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Can bird cages be too big?

When it comes to birdcage size there are usually 2 opposite views: it should be as big as it could be, or it should not be too big as a huge size may be a problem for your bird. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at how the size of the cage affects the birds inside of it and answer some size related questions.

Birds indeed like more space as in their natural habitat they fly for miles and miles without stopping but the most important size-related factor that can affect your bird is the bar spacing and not the actual size of the cage.The bar spacing is an extremely important factor to consider when shopping for a cage. Cages with a large gap between bars may be a hazard because they allow your pet to get its head, wings, or other parts of its body stuck between the bars. For the smaller birds, the ideal spacing should be between 0.25-0.5 inches while for the bigger birds it can be as big as 1 inch, but the smaller the better as a smaller spacing can easily prevent unwanted problems.

Now when it comes to actual cage size, it should be as big as you feel it should be as long as the bar spacing is fit for your bird. If you plan to buys some toys and accessories try to get a birdcage that is a bit more spacious, so that your bird has room to fly. If a cage is too small and it also has lots of toys inside of it, your bird might have a hard time flying and it might hurt itself when trying to do so.

All in all, there is no such this as a cage that is too big, as long as the bar spacing is set right, so try to opt for a bigger cage if you can - your pet will love it.

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