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How to keep a birdcage clean

We all know that sharing your home with a bird can sometimes get quite messy, and keeping the cage clean can be a daily battle. After all, you cant expect from a bird to keep it's cage clean, so we are sharing with you some tips and tricks that will help you maintain the cage clean.

Removable trays

A huge helper when it comes to cage maintenance is a removable tray. You can find a helpful list of cages that have removable trays here, but if your cage does not have one do not worry as you can improvise one. Stacking up a few layers of newspaper or cage liner, will create a "single-use removable tray" and after the bird does its mess all you have to do is to remove the top soiled one and a clean layer will be ready to go. Keeping a trash can nearby can be useful, as you won't have to walk a long distance to reach it and the debris won't be as likely to fall off the stained newspaper.

Keeping the surroundings clean

Also because a high percentage of the mess created by birds originates from scattered food, you can easily cut down on the cleaning time by only filling food and water containers half full. You may have to refill them a bit more often, but the cage and its surroundings will be cleaner.

Seed guards are also very helpful when it comes to keeping the surroundings clean, as they will catch any seeds that fall off the cage in a quite large area.

Moreover, when your bird is in the center of the cage, there is less likely for debris to fall out of the cage. Keep this in mind when you place your toys, feeders, and perches, as it may save up on cleaning time.


Ultimately, some bird cages are easier to clean than others-larger bird cages with wider doors facilitate easier cleaning. However, by placing bird cages in easy-to-access locations and by following the above tips you should have no problem in keeping your cage clean, no matter what kind of cage you have.

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