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If you want to share your home with a bird or if you are already doing it, you might want to find out that the placement of your pet's cage has a big effect on it's well-being.

Your bird adores company, so you’ll have to place the cage where you and your family or friends are likely to hang, like a living room.However you shouldn’t place the cage anywhere that’s extremely busy as a lot of movement and noise can be overwhelming for your pet.

Besides noise birds are tremendously vulnerable to fumes, so you must avoid the kitchen or any smoking area in your house when placing the cage.

The next thing that you should consider is natural light. Birds love sunlight, so try to place the cage in a spot with plenty of natural light, but make sure to not place it directly in front of a window, as it can be stressful for your bird.Also a good practice is to put the back of cage against awall-your bird will feel more secure and less exposed that way.

Another important aspect is to elevate the cage - birds like a higher spot as it helps them to better see what's going on in the room.A bird stand for your cage would be perfect,but if your cage does not have one you can simply put it on a table or something similar.However never put a bird cage on top of a refrigerator or anything else that vibrates and also avoid temperature extremes - don't place your cage near a heating vent or an air conditioner.

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