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Top 3 Big Birdcages with stands

We assembled a top list with the best birdcages suited for medium-to-big sized birds so you can have an easier time when shopping for a cage.

The list rankings are based on general public reviews and on amazon reviews, and we can assure you that all these 3 bird cages are top tier when it comes to quality.

On the third spot, we have the Yaheetech 55-inch birdcage.

Get it from here: https://amzn.to/2A2DrDo

This cage has a unique design and comes with some nice features such as:

• A plastic slide-out tray so you will have an easy time cleaning it

• Four 360° swivel smooth-rolling casters so you can move it easily from place to place (they even have brakes!)

• Durable metal that is coated with a non-toxic, waterproof and rust-resistant powder, which will ensure long years of use

As the bar spacing is 0.6'',we recommend this cage for mid-sized birds, such as monk, quaker, cockatiel, green-cheek, Sun Conure, Black-headed Caique, Dove or the similar size birds.

On the second spot, we have the Yaheetech 69''H Extra Large Bird Cage. This cage is one of the largest we have ever seen and its quality is as big as its size.

Get it from here: https://amzn.to/2LWbB10

The cage is sized 30.4"(length) x 18.2(width) x 69.2(height) and its special features include:

• A Slide-out Tray & Grille with Handle: so cleaning will be much easier.

• Birds' Playground: A play top with a ladder, a wooden perch, and 2 stainless steel feeders offer you a better interaction with your birds. And also it comes with a Bungee rope included.

• The solid metal cage is coated with non-toxic hammertone paint, which guarantees wear, corrosion and rust resistance.

• Large inner space able to accommodate several birds at a time. A convenient crescent lock on the entrance door for safety.

• Easy to Use & Practical: Comes with all necessary tool and hardware, simple structure easy to assemble under the detailed instructions enclosed.

The bar spacing is 0.6'',so we recommend this cage for mid-sized birds, such as monk, quaker, cockatiel, green-cheek, Sun Conure, Black-headed Caique, Dove or the similar size birds.

And the best birdcage with a stand is- the SUPER DEAL 63.5'' Rolling Bird Cage

Get it from here: https://amzn.to/307wznO

The manufacturer got some incredible attention to detail with this cage and its superior quality got it to the first place on our list. It also comes in smaller sizes(53"/59") and its features are:

• A Beautiful Dome on top that can be opened and birds can stand on the top perch.

•SUPERIOR Quality - this birdcage showcases fine attention to detail and its carved in high-quality metal with a polished surface that resists corrosion and dust. It is both fade and odor resistant which guarantees a safe environment for the birds.

•It is equipped with 2 main entrances: the larger one is for large size birds while smaller one is specially designed for small birds; It also comes with 2 types of feeders for different feeding needs.

•Slide-out trays and detachable mesh panel under the cage can be removed for easy cleaning.

•Easy Rolling Casters - This cage comes with a 21.6'' tall detachable rolling rack with 360 degrees silent swivel casters.The cage can be separated from the stand and can be used as a travel cage or temporary bird house.

The bar spacing is 0.7'',so we recommend this cage for mid-to-big sized birds, such as African Grey Parrots, Goffin Cockatoos, Ringneck Parakeets,Black-headed Caique, Doves, Mini Macaws and other similar sized birds.

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