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ZENY 53" Bird Cage Review

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This zeny bird cage stands tall at 53 inches and it's definitively worth taking a look.

It is a very spacious cage, fit for many birds as the cage's dimensions are 25" Width, 17" Lenght, 53"Height(30.7" without the stand) and the spacing between bars is 0.5" so that your birds won't be able to fly through it. Inside the cage are 2 long wooden perches and also 4 plastic feeding cups for food and water, and it still has plenty of room left for other toys and accessories. Also, the stand has a bottom shelf which provides additional storage space on which you can easily put your bird food.

Its frame is very strong and cannot be easily bent as it is made from metal. It also features 4 durable swivel casters at its base which provide easy and convenient room-to-room mobility.

But what about cleaning? Those who own this cage will have no problem with cleaning it, as it comes with a removable sliding tray that makes cleaning this cage as easy as it can get.

Pros & Cons:

+ huge size, fit for many birds

+ very easy to clean, because of its detachable tray

+ multiple bowls for food and water

+ easy to move and easy to disassemble

-it can be hard to assemble, as the instructions may be a bit unclear

All in all this cage is elegant and convenient and with a 4.3 average score on Amazon, it is definitely worth its money. With its huge size, it can house several small birds such as parakeets, lovebirds, finches but it can also be a great home for 2 or 3 bigger birds.

Get your product from here: https://amzn.to/2LbuYE

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